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Prior to Arrival: Please make sure your pet has had a restroom break and is easily accessible prior to our arrival. For cats, close off rooms where they may hide; it’s best if you can have them in a carrier prior to arrival.

Cancellations: Please give us at least 48 hours notice of changes to your appointment. It is difficult to fill last minute cancellations, which results in a complete loss of income for the groomer. Failure to cancel 48 hours in advance may result in a charge of 50% of the groom. If you are a No Show for the appointment, a fee in the amount of the FULL GROOM price will apply.

Arrival time: We provide a two hour arrival window for the appointments, we will call you to let you know if we are unable to make it within the arrival window.

Scheduling: After your appointment is scheduled we may call to see if you can change your scheduled day or time because we are trying to make a driving route work for everyone. If you absolutely are not flexible in your appointment time please let us know your limitations before your appointment.

Rebooking: Most of our clients stay on a recurring schedule for haircuts or de-shedding according to their coat type and length. This will keep them looking great, mat free, and help their skin to breath without the excess shedding coat. Also, regular nail trimming prevents discomfort for your pet. We see most of our pets every 4-8 weeks. Imagine a human going that long between deep cleans.

Tipping: It is appropriate but is totally at your discretion.

Fleas: If your pet has Fleas or Ticks please let us know. We recommend you contact your vet to obtain one of the newest flea prescription medications that are working well for this area. There will be a required $25 flea bath and contamination fee.

Vaccinations: You are responsible for all pet vaccinations & assume all risks and consequences that might result if your pet is not fully vaccinated. We advise that each pet be vaccinated against rabies, distemper, etc…

Matting: There are extra charges if matting is present ($15 – $75 depending on severity). If possible, we will de-mat your pet and try to save what we can according to the style you prefer. In order to prevent discomfort and/or pain, your groomer may shave down your pet if severely matted. Significant matting over the entire body and or legs may result in additional nonrefundable shave down fees up to $50. Removing heavy matting is dangerous and can result in minor nicks, or abrasions, or reveal underlying skin conditions or rashes. Aussie Pet Mobile nor the groomer will not be held liable for these issues. These are common responses to shave downs and therefore we do not pay vet bills for such. To prevent matting and future shave downs, we recommend re-booking at a frequency that will keep your pet’s coat in great condition. Your groomer will recommend a good schedule for your pet such as every 4-8 weeks.

Difficult pets: Your groomer has been trained how to deal with aggressive, fearful, sick, and overly stressed pets. We occasionally encounter pets that absolutely refuse to be groomed or are too dangerous to groom. It rarely happens but in the event your pet cannot be groomed there is a minimum $50 trip fee. Your pet’s health & safety is our first priority.

Skin, Eyes, and Ears: Aussie Pet Mobile cannot be held liable for skin, eye, or ear irritations that can occur due to shampoo sensitivity or underlying conditions. Our shampoos are high quality professional grade, PH Balanced, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Despite using care while trimming hair around the eyes, eye irritation can occur if a hair particle enters the eye. Pets may scratch at their eyes with their feet and create further irritation. We cannot be responsible for this type of self-inflicted injury. We clean ears with professional pet ear cleaner. This can reveal underlying ear infections, and we cannot be responsible for existing or emerging health issues.

Nails: Extra-Long nails may not be able to be shortened to your desired length without clipping the quick.

Sedation: We do not administer any tranquilizers/sedatives on any pet.

Happiness: If you are not happy with your pet’s groom, please let us know within 48 hours & allow us to “make it right”.